Signs Your Transmission’s In Trouble

June 10th, 2015
Auto Repair in New Martinsville, WV“I think my transmission might be going bad…”
That’s a fairly common remark we hear from people needing auto repair in New Martinsville, WV. Here are a few fairly common indicators that your transmission might need service or replacement: 
Transmission fluid on the dipstick is dark (it should be a clear pink/cranberry color) and has a burnt-toast or burnt-caramel smell
Transmission leaks -- if in doubt, park your car over a piece of cardboard overnight and check the cardboard for leaks in the morning
Transmission takes a moment to engage when you put it in gear
Harsh shifts
Slippage as the transmission shifts
Transmission won’t go into Reverse, or forward gears, at all
Transmission won’t shift into upper gears
Transmission makes a high-pitched whine
Transmission slips (sometimes this problem will clear up when the vehicle is warmed up)
An automatic transmission is designed to match the engine’s power and torque to the driver’s desired rate of acceleration, automatically selecting gear ratios and shift points to power the wheels. It’s one of the most complicated jobs in auto repair in New Martinsville, WV, with a combination of electronic controls and processors working with internal pumps and valves that control the internal flow of fluid. Obviously, there’s a lot of things that can fail or go wrong in anything this complex, and like so many other automotive systems, problems will usually only get worse if ignored, meaning a more expensive auto repair in New Martinsville, WV.
At Joe’s Tire and Service, we’ve got decades of experience in auto repair in New Martinsville, WV. If you suspect you are having transmission problems like the ones mentioned above, we suggest you make an appointment with Joe’s Tire and Service for a transmission checkup and auto repair in New Martinsville, WV.
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