Fall Preventative Flush and Fill Service

October 12th, 2011

by: Clarke Jamison


It’s that time of the season to get your system check-up and find out, if you need any fluids flushed and or filled. Your vehicle relies on a variety of fluids, such as coolant fluids and transmission fluids, to keep it running properly. If you don’t regularly maintain your vehicle’s fluid levels, the result could be catastrophic and costly damages, which could be easily avoided by just maintaining your vehicle properly.

If you’re not sure how often you should have your vehicle fluids serviced, check your owner’s manual, or come by our store, so we can have one of our qualified technicians help you out. If you know you need to get your fluids checked, simply schedule an appointment.

A few of the services we provide are listed below:

Cooling System Flush and Fill

Your vehicle needs a smooth running cooling system to protect the engine from overheating. A routine cooling system flush is essential to keep any engine overheating from happening. Our technicians go in and remove any rust, sludge and even corrosion deposits from your entire cooling system, including the radiator. We eliminate acidic mixtures and restore boil/freeze protection, which helps prevent electrolysis from happening.

Transmission Flush and Fill

Each year, there are over 13 million transmission systems that break down. By having routine transmission fluid exchanges, you can help make sure your own transmission doesn’t just become another addition to that statistic. Our technicians will completely flush and remove all fluid from the transmission system. You don’t want any worn fluid in the transmission system, because it loses the ability to correctly protect the internal transmission components.

Brake Flush and Fill

Brakes are probably one of the most important parts of your vehicle, as they are essential to your safety. You should exchange the fluid in the brake system to help extend the life of the internal parts like the wheel cylinders, ABS components, and hoses.

Power Steering Flush and Fill

When you drive, the last thing you want to deal with is a hard to turn steering wheel. Our service restores the quiet and smoother steering control needed to safely drive. Our power steering treatment limits the wear and heat, which if not treated, can lead to actual failure of the power steering unit. We remove negative contaminants, deposits, and abrasive metal shavings from the power steering fluid system.

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