Are Brakes Supposed to Sound Like That?

July 28th, 2011

by: Clarke Jamison


Most people do not know how to repair or replace their vehicle's brakes, but with a little instruction, most people can assess whether or not there is a break in their brakes.

Determining car problems can be challenging, if you've had no training. When certain items on your car break, like a door handle, you may be able to postpone the repairs. However, brakes require immediate attention. Some people avoid repairing/replacing their brakes in an attempt to get more mileage out of them. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Brakes should be replaced the moment you suspect there is something wrong with them. A good practice is to make sure your brakes are examined, whenever you have your car serviced. Repairing/Replacing the brakes, before they no longer perform the way they should, is the safe way to go.

  • One moment you believe your brakes are fine, but then the next, you could find yourself unable to stop appropriately.
  • Another warning sign that your vehicle's brakes are going bad is that you suddenly have to pump them before you can stop.
  • Pumping the brakes takes too long, when you have to make a sudden stop. In the case of brake pumping, have the brake fluid level checked first. If the brake fluid is low fill it up. If the brake fluid level is not low, it may be time for new brakes.
  • If you hear a sound coming from the wheel area of your car, it could be an indication that the brakes are going bad. The sound will become louder as the brakes become more worn. The sound can start as a ticking sound or (in many cases) a grinding sound. Grinding is an obvious sign that your brakes are bad.
  • If you stop your car, get out, and notice that there is smoke coming from the wheel area, your brakes could be done for. Do not drive the car any further, if you can help it. The brakes must be fixed as soon as physically possible.

An expert brake technician can repair/replace your brakes, if you do not know how to do it yourself. However, if you follow the instructions in this article post, you will be able to determine, when it is time to visit an expert brake repair professional and avoid any potential brake-related disasters.

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